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Dulse - certified Organic, good iodine source, healthy, natural & 'just plain good for you'  
Dulse is a sea vegetable, grown at low tide and which takes root on rocks. It is harvested by hand and sun dried on a drying ground made especially for drying dulse.

The dulse takes about six hours of sunshine to dry in. It is then taken to the buyer to be sold. The buyer packs the dulse in containers which is then sold world wide, such as Australia, U.S.A. and throughout Canada. Dulse is eaten as it is, like you would a potato chip. It is also delicious toasted on an electric burner for about four or five seconds or in a Microwave for 45 seconds. It can also be chopped up and put into salads or soups as a seasoning. Dulse is grown in several areas, but the dulse grown on Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick, Canada is the most delicious and sought after. The season for harvesting dulse is from about June 1st to November 1st. It can then be held and sold through the winter and spring

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Dulse has many vitamins in it and has per oz., 75 calories and 0 mg. cholesterol.

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